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Now even more ways to get paid with POLi Link

Did you know that as a POLi Merchant you have access to POLi Link?  POLi link allows merchants to generate a short URL for a payment they want to receive. It's most often used when the merchant wishes to receive a payment without expecting the payer to navigate through a website experience.

Try POLi Link for yourself now 

The POLi link you send to your customer could simply be an unmasked URL or you could personalise the text.

1. Simple URL:
2. Personalised text: Click here to make payment using POLi and Internet Banking.

You can even link it to an image. Click the image below to try it:

If you want to complete a test transaction using the POLi Links above choose iBank NZ 01 on the POLi Landing Page as your bank and use DemoShopper for both the Username and Password. 

Why use POLi Links?

A POLi Link can be generated one at a time, or multiple in batches, either manually via the POLi Console or via our Web Services API.   

Some examples of POLi Link in use by our merchants today are:

Adhoc payments.  Imagine a customer has paid for an item but then wants to upgrade to a more expensive product. How do you collect the difference? Manual processing might cost you more in time than the difference. Send a POLi Link in an email for the difference. You can submit reference information when you generate the link so the payment will be easily reconcilable when you receive it. 

Call centre payments.  Enable your call centre for debit payments using POLi. Over 50% of adult New Zealanders don't have a credit card so if you're expecting to take payments in the call centre POLi is a good option for you. 

Electronic billing.   International research shows the more payment options you offer on your online bills the more likely you are to be paid. What's more you'll be paid early in many cases.  POLi Link has a number of rich features for billers such as date dependent discounting, variable payment amounts and deferred payments. There are a number of solution providers that allow the use of POLi on their electronic bills - Xero, Officetorque, Dataprint, iStash.

Budget eCommerce.  You can place a POLi Link on a webpage.  Like the examples above they can be in the form of a URL, clickable text or an image. Many online retailers don't need full on shopping cart functionality as they might only be selling a small number of products, or a single product.  POLi Link is great for this scenario as there's no need for a web developer to get involved.   

If you'd like to see a demonstration video showing how to manually generate a POLi Link click here.  

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