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How do you refund a POLi Payment?

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It’s a fact of business life that from time to time you will need to refund customer payments. Like many other  payment methods, POLi can’t directly facilitate the refund. But it can assist you in the process. 

So, if you have received an online payment via POLi which you need to refund, read on.

How POLi facilitates the Internet Banking Transaction

The POLi system facilitates an Internet Banking Bill Payment transaction on behalf of a Customer in order to transfer funds from the Customer’s bank account to the Merchant’s bank account.  

As with any debit Payment transaction, once the funds transfer has been made to the Merchant the Banking System does not provide an automated means by which the transfer can be reversed.  

Therefore, it is not possible for the POLi system to provide functions that would allow funds to flow in the opposite direction for the purpose of a refund. 

How POLi can help with the fund transfer

Facilitating a refund via your banking system is not difficult but locating the customers details for the refund certainly can be! That’s why POLi assists the transfer process by providing you, the Merchant, with your customer’s bank account number. (This is the same bank account number from which the Customer made the POLi funds transfer to you.)  

TIP: It’s easy to find your customer’s bank account details. Simply login to your POLi console manually or via a web service API (electronically). You’ll be able to quickly find the details so you can then use your banking system to complete the refund. 

You can process the deposit (credit) many different ways depending on the services provided by your bank. Refund deposits could be made by way of an Internet Banking “Pay Anyone” transaction, a PC Banking Direct Credit, or manually by physically going to a teller at the Bank and depositing the refund direct into the Customer’s account.  

Alternatively, if a customer has an account with you, you may choose to transfer the funds into that account directly. 

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