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Offering Kiwi Travel Brands a more cost effective payment option

Travel and Transport has always been a strong sector for POLi with Air New Zealand, Jetstar and Virgin being high profile early adopters of POLi payments. The primary reason being POLi payments’ low fees are very attractive indeed when compared to cost of processing credit card payments. 

Airlines pay a higher Merchant Service Fee (MSF) than you might expect, and at their volumes they’re paying a fortune to have credit card transactions processed. So, you can imagine the there's a strong driver for airlines in particular to adopt POLi in order to reduce costs. 

POLi & Interislander – travel companions since 2011

Over the last few years we've added some great travel brands such as Intercity, Nakedbus, Interislander and more recently Harvey World Travel.  Interislander has been offering their customers POLi at the checkout since 2011. 
Interislander Sales Manager, Simon Payne, says - 
"It's great to be able to offer convenient and easy to use payment options. POLi is both of these things and allows our customers the option to use their own money to purchase fares. Many of our customers don't have a credit card, so rather than shut them out of our online channels POLi allows us to service their needs"

Provide a surcharge-free offering for your online customers

Some of our travel merchants have implemented surcharging for credit card payments. We don't necessarily advocate this, but we know it can be a significant driver for the growth of POLi payments for merchants that do.  Ultimately, whether you surcharge or not is a business decision you need to make carefully, but it seems that the buying public expect a surcharge free payment option, and that's where POLi comes in.

Breaking News

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE has just integrated POLi payments into their booking system. Another airline has joined the POLi family.