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Do you use Xero Accounting? Get paid faster.

We're very pleased to announce an exciting new service for our merchants that use the Xero Accounting system. Now you can incorporate POLi payments onto your electronically delivered invoices so you can get paid easier and faster.  

So if you send an electronic invoice to a customer via Xero they’ll be given the option to pay it immediately using POLi and Internet Banking.  Most New Zealand business and consumers pay their bills using debit funds, so POLi’s new service in collaboration with XERO has just made it easier. 

International studies have shown that placing easy and convenient payment options on electronic invoices can reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by up to 15 days.  That equates to a large reduction in working capital, which has got to be good for business.
The reason DSO reduces is that by making an easy and convenient payment method available to the bill recipient when they receive it increases the likelihood of early payment. It exploits the mindset that to leave it unpaid now means it will probably be forgotten.  
The POLi and XERO integration is extremely easy to set up and we have merchants who are already onboard reaping the benefits of quick and easy invoice payments.

Email or click here to sign up now.